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The Prisoner of Paradise Ranch

Top indie book shop Goldsboro Books is celebrating their 21st anniversary with the publication of an anthology of short stories, which includes a short by me from the Sleeper-Verse.

This collection of original stories have been written to celebrate 21 years of Goldsboro Books. Wide in scope, beautiful, thrilling and clever, this is the perfect celebration of authors, their stories and 21 years of one of the world's leading independent book shops.

THE PRISONER OF PARADISE RANCH is my story. The year is 1953, ten years after SLEEPER:THE RED STORM. Set in the US during the Cold War, Doctor Eric Keller is travelling through the Nevada Desert to the Paradise Ranch to visit a prisoner who is being held there. Who is the prisoner and what is the Paradise Ranch? All, and more, is revealed when the Goldsboro Books anthology is released on the 30 September 2020.


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